The Sorceress, By: Michael Scott


Sophie and Josh Newman are the twins. The twins of legend to be exact. When their auras are Awakened, there is no longer any doubt in Dr. John Dee’s mind who they are and what they are capable of. Dee is an evil immortal magician with immense power and he will stop at nothing to retrieve the twins who have the last pages of the Codex.  

The Codex and the twins will allow him to complete the Final Summoning. Then the Dark Elders will return and destroy the human race. Sophie and Josh are on the run with the immortal alchemist Nicholas Flamel. He is teaching them how to control their powers and protecting them from Dee.  

When the twins and Flamel get to England they are picked up by the Saracen knight, who is an ally. He takes them to his extremely protective castle. It’s made of crushed cars so that people think it’s actually just a junk yard.  

All of this protection doesn’t protect them from Dee, the Archon, and the Wild Hunt when they attack, though. The Archon is an ancient beast that is bigger than a car, with the face of a human but the body of an animal. It is feared by all even by some of the Elders. The Wild Hunt are the Archon’s minions, people who had wronged him in the past that he turned into wolves to do his bidding. Dee and his allies felt the twins’ auras spark up and they knew it was a great opportunity to capture them. When the twins, Flamel, and the knight escape they go on an adventure to strengthen their powers and save Flamel’s wife, the Sorceress, from Alcatraz.  

This book was very fun and exciting. The author incorporated real myths and actual history into the story which made it even better. I definitely recommend this book and the rest of the series if you like fantasy books with gods and creatures.


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