The Eminem Show


You probably heard of Eminem. You know, the rapper not the candy. In 2003 he released his third album called “The Eminem Show.” The album is set up like a musical with skits and songs. Unlike my other album reveiws, im not going track by track, because that could get boring. I’ll just talk about my favorite songs. One of the best songs is called “Business” where Eminem depicts himself as a superhero, going to concerts in need of a performer, and i love the chorus of the song. Also good on the album is “Cleanin Out My Closet” which has a nice beat. There is also my favorite song, “Without Me”. This song has everything good about it. “Sing For The Moment” is another good one, which has some great lyrics. “Superman shows Eminem as a superhero who is about to save a girl, then decides not to, which i find hilarious. Lastly, I think ill talk about “Till i Collapse”, which has the coolest beat on the album. If you want to know the rest of the songs, get the album for yourself. The album also has some skits, my favorite being the one where a guy randomly shoots a girl, and the one where Eminem kills a guy thinking he hates his album. Overall, the album is both catchy and interesting, so it gets a full 10/10.


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