Why O.J Simpson is guilty!


Background: For those of you who don’t know who O.J Simpson was he was a beloved NFL running back. They called him “the juice”, and was America’s favorite player but he had a dark side. When he wasn’t being a star on the field he was abusing his wife. They later separated but O.J couldn’t get over her.

Most believe O.J killed Nicole Brown( his wife) and her boyfriend. It’s obvious he committed this double homicide case because…

First, evidence supports this theory because of DNA. The prosecution of Simpson’s case presented a compelling DNA evidence, including matching bloody footprints, hair follicles, and a glove that tested positive as belonging Simpson.

Second, Evidence supports this theory also because of  the car chase. On the day of his arrest, the LAPD chased Simpson in his White Bronco for hours. To top it off, the spectacle was all caught on tape.

Finally, evidence supports this theory because of motives.  According to the prosecution, Simpson had lots of motives to kill his ex-wife. Simpson reportedly prone to jealous rages (evidenced by taped 911 calls from Nicole), including allegedly hitting, stalking and degrading her ,were all signs that he was capable of these two grizzly murders.

Although these pieces of evidence should’ve  won the case for the prosecution, O.J was innocent for both murders. But after the trial, Nicole’s and her boyfriend’s family filed lawsuit and the jury found O.J guilty for both murders.

Others believe in these following theories: O.J Simpson’s son did it, the racist police officers framed O.J, he hired a serial killer to do it for him, and  he did it but his mind was being controlled by the Illuminati.

To get more info on the topic watch the award-winning show “The People vs. O.J Simpson!



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