Unwanteds Book 1 Review


Unwanteds by Lisa McMann is an amazing story filled with deception, magic, romance, surprise, and even betrayal. The land of Quill used to be a lovely place, it traded with other islands and the people were happy. That all changed when a new ruler came around, High Priestess Justine. People were now separated into three categories, Wanted, Necessary, and Unwanted. The Wanted people were treated very well and were sent to universities. The Necessaries were to keep the population steady. The Unwanted people committed violations in the law. These laws were very strict, people weren’t even allowed to draw in the sand. The Unwanted people were killed. They were sent to the Death Farmer and thrown in a boiling pit of oil. Secretly though, the Death Farmer was sending people to a free and happy land called Artime. There were no strict laws in Artime. People learned whatever art they were good at and even magic warrior skills about the art. When the people of Quill learn of Artime, they attacked it. Fathers who allowed their children to be killed were now fighting their supposedly dead children. The blank people of Quill versus the magical community in Artime, who will win?


Jack, 7th grade


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