The Empty Street


Walking down the empty street,

With broken arms and crippled feet.

Trotting down the empty lane,

Healing minds break the insane.

Fleeing from your cold embrace,

Freedom’s rags are Slavery’s lace.

Running through the empty street,

Panting in the freezing heat.

Sprinting down the cobblestones,

Absconding from the gruesome moans.

Treading the cruel and empty street,

Pursued by the sinister demon’s fleet.

Love has left the eagle’s nest,

Dwelling now where vulture’s rest.

In the wake of the empty street,

Carnage and desolation meet.

Joy is dead! Broken and lost,

Drowned amidst the summer’s frost.

Love is gone! Crushed and forlorn,

Darkness in the street til morn.


2 thoughts on “The Empty Street

  1. You have an amazing ability to describe feeling in a way that allows the reader to feel them. You have a great talent.


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