Alwyn Beren and Alton Underbough the 2nd

customlogoBy: fealtytokhorne

Alwyn and Alton are two characters whom I have created for Dungeons and Dragons. Below are their backstories, which I decided to share so you can know more about the process of creating a character for D and D.

Alwyn Beren:

Alvyn Beren is a scheming gnome. Or, more appropriately, was a scheming gnome. Born to a pair of gnome nobles, Alvyn lived a life of intrigue. Alliances shift, enemies become “friends,” friends are never friends, and a dagger may be at your back. Alvyn survived by his constant manipulation, but even with his endless blackmail and bribery, he knew he wouldn’t live for long. And so, when his death came, Alvyn was ready, but he had regrets. Plenty of them. In the Hells, he schemed against Death himself. He was outmaneuvered, of course, but his effort amused the reaper. And so, he was given a year of life, but he came back with a “gift,” wooden dolls and puppets, things he controlled, to remind him of his constant regrets, and make him feel guilt every minute of his mockery of life. Alvyn adventures to set things right so he can feel at peace when he returns to Deaths embrace…

Alton Underbough the Second

Alton was born to an adventurer, someone who did great things. Alas, Alton’s father, who went by the same name, wasn’t destined to live that long. A noble family saw something in Alton, and took him off the streets, whisking him off to their life of money, power, deceit, and treachery. Alton rebelled instantly, attempting to run away. He was caught many times. Soon, he stopped trying to run away, and adopted a different tactic. Every night, he would don dark clothes and track down and arrest one of his family members. Alton felt no guilt about this. After all, he knew just how corrupt his foster family was. After every member of his foster family was in jail, Alton took down other corrupt nobles, until he came into contact with a travelling bard, a member of the College of the Herald. Intrigued, Alton began learning more about the art. Soon, the halfling began using the tools of blackmail, deception, and magic to root out corruption. Alton has begun his adventuring career in hopes of tracking down and taking on more formidable targets..

Mind you, this is not the backstory Alton tells everyone. Depending on who he is talking to, he might paint himself as a grizzled mercenary captain, a slave who led his fellow captives to victory and overthrew his captors, a gladiator fighting for sport in an arena, a leader of a cutthroat thieves guild, a renowned scholar, or a acolyte who serves his god to the very last breath.


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