The Good Inspectors Sacrifice-Part 1


By: Fealtytokhorne

Inspired by the works of HP Lovecraft

The brightness of the lantern allowed Inspector Elmhurst to see quite far off to either side of the trail, and for that, he was only partly glad. The glaring light allowed him to see any evidence of the creatures that might be stalking him, but the simple act of letting his gaze fall upon them scared him half-to death. Off to the side, an owl pounced on its prey, causing a bush to rustle. Elmhurst jumped to the side, pulled out his revolver, and fired a half-dozen shots of into the darkness as he fell on the cold, hard, ground. As he lay there, working up the courage to illuminate the source of the sound, he realized that his revolver would do little good against whatever he was about to find. Hopelessly shaking his head, the good inspector rose to his feet and, dragging one foot in front of the other, pondered the circumstances that brought him here. Working for the Pinkertons, he was associated with more than his fair share of criminals and the like, and had experienced weird phenomenon in his cases from time to time. A suspect may disappear into a building during a chase, only to disappear, accompanied by several inhuman shrieks. Or a fellow detective might disappear during a stakeout, the only trace of him dark, crimson stains on the wall and floor, and the smashed minds of those who saw him last. It was after that stakeout that a multi-million dollar company, known only as the SKT, approached him with a job offer. Of course, it paid quite well, and the Inspector had to support his ailing mother, so how could he refuse! Signing the contract, the good Inspector knew that the job offer had to do with his experiences with what he suspected was the “occult,” and, being the smart man he was, he was right. Sleepless nights staying awake in bed, wondering what happened to the missing men and whether he was next were put to end as Elmhurst’s new employers pealed back the curtain and revealed to him the Truth. Humanity was simply a non-important speck in the great cosmos of the universe, and will forever will be. Horrors that could make a sane man or woman claw their eyes out and go insane simply by showing themselves for the briefest instant lived beyond our reach. The flash of movement at the corner of your eye? The unexplained “presence” you feel when you’re all alone? These things are not imagined, but they are real. Unknown creatures dwell beyond our reach, biding their time, until they can reach out and reveal themselves to us.


3 thoughts on “The Good Inspectors Sacrifice-Part 1

  1. from the very first sentence I could tell this was going to be good, a very detailed intense moment is always a thing to read. always from a good story (from the published ones I’ve read – im no writer) you could always see, as if you were there what you were reading. this is so good I wish it was a full story!


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