The Western Fringe and the Eastern Hearth, Part 1


By: Fealtytokhorne

Hi there,

I am currently working on a world for my Dungeons and Dragons campaign, which is somewhat inspired by Brian McClellan’s Powder Mage Trilogy and the period of history known as the Westward Expansion. The entire theme of the world is exploration, with conflict and intrigue mixed in. Below is a small outline of the world, including a small, detailed description of one of main countries. All other countries, as well as other powers, will be mentioned in my next post.

The World:
The terms the “Western Fringe” and “Eastern Hearth” describe the two main bodies of land in my world. The former describes a large continent, where two main superpowers (Lanius and the Lands of Divinity (L.O.D)) duke it out. Connected to the Fringe via the Iron Horse (see below) is the Eastern Hearth, which is the homeworld of the Lands of Divinity. Along with these two powers are the Company, which is supposed to be loyal to the L.O.D, but serves itself, as well as the Deaths Merchants, a group of two-bit rogues who hire themselves out to do shady services.

What is above is only a small description of the world. Below is a more detailed description of the Lands of Divinity:

Lands of Divinity

  • Government: Theocracy
  • Population: 10,678,070

The Lands of Divinity are composed of one main island and two small colonies. The state is ruled by three priests of Elinsth: God of Trade, Invention, and Industry, and two priests of Talin: God of War and Righteous Death, and is subjected to the considerate influence of the leader of the Company, Sandford Fleming. (The Company and Sandford Fleming will be explained in my next post). The third priest of Talin, who publicly resisted the influence of Sandford, has recently died as a result of very mysterious and very natural causes

The Lands of Divinity has ascended to its current position of power as a result of two gifts, given by Elinsth and Talin respectively. These gifts are the Iron Horse and Deaths Dust, which allows warriors to kill from afar.

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