by scwrites2

Teenagers, unlike what most articles and people say, may not have it as easy as adults think. Teenagers are people trapped between the phases of childhood and adulthood. We are expected to be mature, but still have adults supervising our every move. We are granted little freedoms, like walking ourselves to the next class or sitting where we want in the lunch room, but they can easily be taken away from us. But once you reflect on these things, maybe they are symbolic of what will come. Instead of getting free seating taken away, maybe it is something more substantial once you are an adult, like a certain law being taken away. When you continue to think in more depth, you will wonder why teens are treated the way they are. By seventeen, you will have to decide what you want to do with the rest of your life, in terms of college or trade school or even joining the military. You still have to ask to go to the bathroom. I personally have met many teens who are wise beyond their years, taking care of siblings, or already working a part-time job, almost like an adult. So you can tell me why teens are denied the chance to make choices for themselves and not have everything seemingly dictated by an adult.

Sara C., 9 grade


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