Language is Like Rainbow Fish Scales

By: relizabethj

Reading has always been a regularity in my house. As a baby, my parents read board books to me before bed and as I grew to be a toddler, those morphed into golden back books. My grandparents and family friends bought me books for birthdays and Christmases that added to my collection. My older sister passed down her picture books and I was able to peruse those on my own while admiring each picture and making up words to match the scenes. I even had a bath book entitled The Rainbow Fish by Marcus Pfister. The story was of a beautiful fish who had unique scales.

When a tiny fish asked for one of his scales, the fish refused in a rude manner, and then the other fish would not play with him anymore. He looked to an octopus for guidance, who told him to share his scales with his friends. Upon sharing a scale, the fish felt filled with joy, and so then he shared his scales with all his other friends too. The fish shared his scales because he loved the joy he felt when he shared. Over the years, I have found that in a similar way, writing is an outlet to share creativity and love, and to inspire the world.
Being an avid reader from childhood has shaped me to be somewhat of a nerd, finding it more enjoyable to curl up with a good book than to spend time socializing. In fifth grade, my English class did a poetry unit in which I was inspired to become a poet. I wrote all my poems in a pink spiral-bound notebook with a unicorn on the cover. Looking back, I acknowledge that I was an oddball, but that period in my life was certainly an influence of my enjoyment of writing.
Reading and writing have shaped my personality, granting me the love of language. Reading has given me the skill of expressing my thoughts and emotions using language in differing styles which I can use in my writing. When I write, I can share my opinions, experiences, and what reading has given me to the world, just as the Rainbow Fish shared his beauty with the world and brought joy to himself and others.


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