Warhammer 40,000 Battle Report!


By: fealtytokhorne

Warhammer 40,000 is a miniature war game, and every time you play it, you and your opponent(s) conduct a battle, so a battle report is simply a small description of how your battle went down. My brother and I played a small game using the Warhammer 7th edition rules, along with the Kill Team expansion. For the curious, Warhammer is on its 8th edition, which was released last week. If you wish to get into the game, then I recommend that you look the the 8th edition core rules, here: https://www.games-workshop.com/en-US/Warhammer-40000-Rules.

When we started the game, we placed each army in one corner of the battlefield. I played a Skitarii (Cyborg Men) army, and my brother played an Ork army (Sci-Fi Orcs). My army consisted of some infantry with 3 special weapons. My brothers army had 10 Orks in a Trukk (Trukk is the correct spelling in this case).

I took the first turn, and simply moved two groups towards two corners.

Next, my brother moved his Trukk around the building, and disembarked seven orks, the leader was placed near the back of the Trukk, and the rest were placed near the center plateau. From there, he managed to kill one of my troops on the hill, and failed to conduct suppressing fire onto my sniper.

After that, I moved some of my troops onto the hill and also moved some of them onto positions near the small defensive line near the left side of the battlefield. All of my infantry, as well as all of my special weapons, took shots at the Orks. They managed to kill five, which forced my brother to take a morale check. He managed to pass the morale check, and it moved onto his turn.

On my brother’s next turn, he moved the Trukk around the hill. Then he disembarked, and had every single one of his Orks throw grenades. Almost every one of them missed, except for one, which killed one infantry model on the hill. Near the end of his turn, he charged one Ork at one of my Skitarii and killed him.

On my third turn, I simply moved my infantry a few inches and shot at the Orks, as well as at his Trukk. I killed all of them except two: the leader, and one Ork charging at the hill.

On my brother’s turn, he threw a grenade with the charging Ork, which killed one guy on the hill. He then charged and killed another guy, and consolidated behind the hill.

On my turn, I moved my Skitarii near the Ork leader’s hideout. One of them moved into point blank range with the Ork that was hiding behind the hill and failed his shot.

On my brother’s turn, he failed a break test and removed the Ork hiding behind the hill. He then ended his turn.

On my turn, I moved my Skitarii up to the leader’s hideout (the grey building) and shot him twice, killing him and ending the game.

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