The Tales Of Edgar Allen Poe: Part 1 of 4


Review by: 3344marigold

Note: Poe’s tales can be quite disturbing and scary to some readers. (He was a very odd, crazed man!) If you are not a fan of this type of literature, I do not suggest you read Poe.

The tales of Edgar Allen Poe is a classic, compiling short to medium length stories written by Poe. They’re usually truly great tales. I found some interesting, others disturbing. (If you’ve read Poe, you know what I mean) It’s all about your taste.

The Cask of Amontillado                  

Montresor had delt with Fortunato’s harassing of him for a while, but when he insulted him, Montresor decided he must kill his friend. Fortunato prized himself in his connoisseurship in wine, and his endless vaults below his mansion. Montresor tricks him down to the vaults to kill him, Fortunato oblivious to what plot is taking place.

The Black Cat

A man writes about an experience he had with a cat he had owned. He had always been an animal lover, and when he married, found that his wife loved animals too. They had birds, goldfish, a fine dog, rabbits, a small monkey, and a cat. The man especially loved this cat, feeding and petting him. Over the years though, he developed an illness that caused him to neglect and ill use his pets. One night, coming home drunk and sick, he saw his cat and ended up hurting it badly. The cat recovered, but with a scar that reminded the man of what he had done to it. Unable to bear his guilt, he hangs the cat by the neck on a tree in the garden. That night, there is a fire in his house, and the neighbors find a hole in the wall of a cat with a noose around the neck. More events happen to the man that seem to have been caused by his sin of killing the black cat.

The Tell-Tale Heart

A man plans to kill an old man because of his evil glass eye. For seven days he went into his room and shone a lantern light on the eye to see if it was watching him. On the last night, the old man is awaken by a noise from the other man. In terror that someone was in his room, his heart beat faster and faster, louder and louder. Then he died… Later, police come to the house to investigate because a neighbor heard a scream. They find nothing, because the man cleverly hid the dead man beneath the floorboards. Then he hears a ringing. A heartbeat? From under the floorboards. Faster and faster, louder and louder…


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