The Elementals- book 1- How it All Started

Beautiful Forest

By: sharkgirl25


         A six-year-old girl with long golden hair, green eyes, and an adventurous spirit leaps out from behind a tree and races after her friend, who has short brown hair, brown eyes, and a fiery spirit.

“You can’t catch me!” calls the brown-haired girl.

“Oh yes, I can!” Yells the other one.

“You can try!” screams the brown-haired girl in reply.

“Ha! Like you can outrun me! I have the animals as my guide!” the golden-haired one calls back.

All of a sudden, the brown-haired girl trips and bangs her head against a bright red and black lava rock.

“Inferno!” screams her friend. She rushes over to her friend, and says worriedly, “Inferno, are you okay?” Her friend raises her head and nods.

“Yeah, Earth, I’m alright, it’s just my head that hurts.”

Earth reaches down to help Inferno, but quickly jerks her hand away and says “Inferno! You’re bleeding!”

Inferno looks at her hand and realizes it is glowing red. She glances at Earth and says “Take me to my mom.”

Earth grabs Inferno’s arm and lifts her up, then starts running. They rush through the woods, rushing towards Inferno’s house.

“Earth!” yells the six-year-old Inferno.

“What is it?” Earth says, glancing backwards toward her friend. “Oh! Oh my gosh!” she yells when she sees that the bottom of Inferno’s hair has turned red. In fact, she was so stunned that she didn’t see the tree in front of her. But instead of slamming right into the tree, she ran through it. When she emerged from the other side, a green stripe ran through her hair.

“Earth! What happened?” Inferno calls to her friend.

Earth turns around and realizes what Inferno is gaping at. Her hair. Or more specifically, her long golden hair with the green stripe. Her eyes widen and her jaw drops.

“I have no idea! I ran through this tree, and BOOM! This thing’s in my hair! I can only think of one word… magic.” she calls back to Inferno as they near Inferno’s house.

Upon seeing her child racing toward their house, Inferno’s mother rushes out the door, running to Inferno and Earth.

“What is going on here?!” she yells, grabbing Inferno in her arms, and glaring at Earth. “You took my daughter into the woods, didn’t you?” she says angrily to Earth.

“W-well we w-went to the m-market… t-to get s-some ice cream…” Earth starts, scared out of her mind.

“WITHOUT MY PERMISSION?!” Inferno’s mom yells at Earth.

“Earth’s mommy said we could,” Inferno says, protecting her friend.


“W-what I was g-going to say w-was that after Inferno and I got some ice cream, we were going to head back, but then we realized that going back the way we came would be really long, and so we decided to take a shortcut through the woods,” Earth finishes, shaking with fear. She realized that Inferno’s hand was no longer red, but her hair was still red on the bottom. “And so when we were racing, Inferno tripped and hit her head against this shiny black and red lava rock, and her hands glowed red, and her hair suddenly had that redness on the bottom, and when I wasn’t looking, I ran right into a tree! Well, actually, I ran through the tree. And then I had this green stripe,” Earth continues.  Hearing the commotion, Earth’s mother runs over to Inferno’s house to see the problem.

“Ah! There you are Vanessa! I was wondering when you would come out and show yourself,” Inferno’s mother says with a sneer.

“Macy! Why are you yelling at my daughter?” Earth’s mother asks. She glances over at Earth, who looks up at her mother with a face of fear and worry.

“I’ve heard that you allowed your daughter and my daughter to go to the marketplace by themselves and get ice cream, and then come back racing each other through the dangerous woods, only to have MY DAUGHTER TO TRIP AND BANG HER HEAD AGAINST A LAVA ROCK, CAUSING HALF OF HER HAIR TO TURN RED, AND HER HANDS TO GLOW A BRIGHT, BLOODY RED!” Macy screams at Vanessa, her face turning as red as Inferno’s hair. “I can only think of one solution…” she starts.

“And that is?” Earth’s mother interrupts.

“We separate the girls and never make them see each other again. Inferno, Michael and I will move three towns away, and you, Earth, and Matthew will stay here. I never want my daughter near your freak child again.” Macy finishes. Inferno grabs Earth’s arm protectively.

“B-but mommy! Earth and I are friends!” she wails.

“Hush, child, it’s for the best.”

“You can’t do this! You know we can’t be separated! I will never forget Inferno, and I will find a way to find her!” Earth yells.

Inferno’s mother shakes her head disapprovingly.

“Strong ambitions, child, but I’m afraid to say that will never happen,” she says to Earth, who looks at her with a piercing glare.

With her fists clenched by her side, Earth’s eyes start glowing a bright green. In a few seconds, Earth had transformed into a jaguar. She was small, yes, but still fierce. The transformation lasted only a few seconds, but it scared Inferno’s mom out of her mind. However, it wasn’t too powerful, so Inferno’s mom still wanted the friends separated.  The next morning, Inferno and her parents had moved three towns away, and was starting a new school. Earth, on the other hand, was now lonely and ate lunch, played at recess, and went to school with no one. And it would stay that way forever…

At least, that’s what Inferno’s mom hoped, but it wasn’t what was going to happen…


One thought on “The Elementals- book 1- How it All Started

  1. I started writing the Elemental books back when I was in fourth grade. I never realized what I could do with them until I got on writer’s block. This series has been through a lot of changes, with some new characters as well. I hope you like it as much as my friends and I do.
    – Sharkgirl25 😉


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