The Elementals- Book 1- How it All Started


By: sharkgirl25

Chapter 1:

(Six years later)

Earth, now twelve years old, walks into her sixth grade classroom, with no Inferno. In fact, she barely even remembers her friend after all these years. One thing’s for sure, Inferno’s mom did a great job separating the girls. Inferno had no memory of her friend, not even of the great times they had as kids. But still, just seeing her half red hair made her remember just the slightest bit of that night. And Earth, when ever she saw the green stripe running through her hair, she would remember more about that night, and what happened with her friend six years ago. So, in the sixth grade classroom full of paper throwing rowdy boys, and girls that would stare at their phones and fix their make up all day, Earth felt alone. More alone than all of those years without Inferno combined. However, during science class that day, she realized that someone with half red hair was staring at her green stripe of hair. Someone with deep brown eyes, that had little sparks like fire in them. Earth felt like a part of her that had been missing before had suddenly reappeared. She finally saw someone that she hadn’t seen in six years. Earth had been reunited with Inferno.

That day at lunch, Earth walks over to where Inferno and another girl are sitting. She walks up to them, and Inferno looks up.

“Who are you?” Inferno asks.

“Six years ago you and a girl were racing through the woods, when suddenly you trip, fall, and bang your head on a lava rock. Half of your hair turns red, and your hands start glowing red, too. The other girl rushes you back to your house, but on the way, she doesn’t see the tree in front of her, but instead of running into it, she goes through it. When she emerges from the other side, she has a green stripe running through her hair. Your mom forbids the other girl to come near you ever again. Yes, Inferno, I am that girl.” Earth says.

“Earth?” Inferno says, stunned that her long lost best friend was standing right here in front of her, talking to her.


2 thoughts on “The Elementals- Book 1- How it All Started

  1. After I wrote the prologue, I just HAD to continue writing this story. It is, in fact, the first book in its series, and there are many more chapters to come. Have fun reading!
    – Sharkgirl25

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