Classic Music Review – Eye in the Sky


Eye in the Sky, a song by The Alan Parsons Project, is a relatively simple-sounding piece of music. But when you think about it a little bit more, the poetic, polished lyrics and the otherworldly feeling of the music create something that’s not just a fresh take on a breakup song. The pieces of the song fit together like puzzle pieces to create a beautiful, balanced whole. Eye in the Sky was made with love, talent, and hard work, and that comes through plainly in the music.


The lyrics could be a poem on their own (a song is really just a poem set to music, anyway). The words flow into each other neatly and rhythmically. This is a perfect song to daydream to – it doesn’t have a heart-pounding beat or screaming vocals, but it still .

The music catches your attention from the first second of the song. It has a melancholy, slightly ominous tone and is supported by a strong and interesting drumbeat. Electric guitar accents some of the later verses and changes the song enough to keep it just as interesting throughout as it was when it began. The tune is original and cleverly transitions between different sections of the song. There are some subtle but noticeable shifts in the tune that segue smoothly

The vocals are not trying to stand out. That’s a good thing – if they were, the entire track would be focused around vocals, vocals, vocals. As it is, Eye in the Sky emphasizes all the parts of a good song – interesting lyrics, catchy and original music, and polished vocals. The singing is simple and beautiful.


Nowadays, everyone’s used to intense, ‘obvious’ music. When you’re used to that kind of music, it might be harder to appreciate the quiet, many-layered mystery of this track. I’ve never really had a problem with it, though.

Just take a few minutes out of your day to listen to Eye in the Sky. Why miss hearing some good, underplayed classic music?

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