Review of Relapse


Relapse is Eminem’s sixth studio album released in the year 2009. This album got mixed reviews, some people like it, and some people hate it. I am one of the people who like it, but his accents can be annoying at times. Nevertheless, this is my favorite album ever. Here are some good songs.

“3 AM”- A love letter to horror movies, this song has a nice beat, cool lyrics, and a great music video.

“My Mom”- In 1999, he mentioned in one of his songs that he would make a song about drugs and name it after his mom. That’s what he did in this song.

“Insane”- A very dark song. This song covers some very interesting topics and is a joy to listen to.

“Hello”- So much better than Adele’s hello in my opinion, the beat and lyrics are awesome.

“Medicine Ball”- A super cool beat mixed with some savage lyrics make this song a blast to listen to.

“Beautiful”- A song about judging people by their looks, this calm and peaceful song is amazing and is an amazing song in my opinion.

Overall this album is great, but it gets a 9/10 for his annoying accents. I reccommend this album to any rap lovers.

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