Magic Fly by Space (Music Review)


Magic Fly is the debut album by French disco band Space, released in 1977. At the time, Space consisted of keyboardists Didier Marouani, Roland Romanelli, and Jannick Top, and drummer Joe Hammer. There are only seven songs and I’ll review all of them.

The album opens up with “Fasten Seat Belt,” and it has some beautiful and kind of sad melodies which I really like. The next song is “Ballad For Space Lovers.” This song has great melodies and a great beat, but is a little boring to listen to. Next is “Tango In Space” which is great, enjoyable to hear, and really energetic. After that, we have “Flying Nightmare” and I love the piano on this one, along with the funky drum beat.

The next song is “Magic Fly,” which is considered to be their best work. The drums, although very simple, are still great, along with a melody that is still stuck in my head. There are also alot of hidden melodies in this song, which are nice.  The next song is “Velvet Rape,” which starts out boring but then gets better as the song goes on. The album ends with “Carry On, Turn Me On,” which in my opinion is so bad it’s not even worth talking about.

I love this album but the bad song at the end makes my rating for this album a 9.5/10.

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