history of the entire world, i guess (Video Review)


This is a crazily informative, wildly hilarious Youtube video by bill wurtz.

In the video, the history of everything, yes, everything, is explained using funny images and graphics. It’s surprisingly accurate on most things. bill wurtz goes through the Big Bang, the theory of evolution, and the development of animals on Earth, then jumps over to humans. He explains how human societies changed to countries and then began fighting with each other, making alliances, inventing cool stuff, etc. It’s all told in a crazy, hilarious, and easy-to-understand manner.


The jingles! (AKA: super-funny singsong soundbites)

Accurate history (Whoa, I did not know a quarter of that stuff)

It’s only 19 minutes, 25 seconds long! (How did he fit all of world history into that time? Nobody knows.)

Graphics (Not sophisticated, precisely, but very brightly colored. It’s like a party for your eyes.)


WAY too much profanity (Argh, my delicate ears! I really don’t appreciate unnecessary swearing, and that was definitely unnecessary. There’s a cleaned version on Youtube too, and after the first minute and a half of the original, I fled to that one.)

Score: 4/5, for the swears. Too many swears, bill wurtz. I could not deal. If there was no profanity at all, this would be a 5 1/2 out of 5.


(original) (cleaned) < I recommend cleaned

(his other video History of Japan) (censored History of Japan) < these are about 9 minutes

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