Infinity’s Shore

Cover of book Infinity's Shore by David Brin

Review by notverygeneric

Infinity’s Shore by David Brin is one of four books depicting the tale of the starship Streaker and her crew. In the two Uplift trilogies, races of the Five Galaxies gain status by finding pre-sapient races and uplifting them to sapience. Unfortunately humans uplifted themselves into sapience, causing widespread problems in Galactic culture. As a “wolfling” race they would have been “adopted” into another clan, and forced into the customary 100,000 years of service for the reward of sapience, had they not already uplifted chimpanzees and dolphins. Streaker was the first dolphin-crewed ship to be commissioned for research purposes. On its first mission it went to a cluster of old red suns…and, unfortunately, found exactly what it was looking for: Starships, billions of years old and the size of moons.

Suddenly, Streaker was on the run, escaping brilliantly a twelve-fold ambush as soon as it left for home. Dozens of races tried to get its bounty, offering huge sums for its capture, but Streaker continued to outsmart them all, escaping a siege on the watery world of Kithrup. When the dolphins tried to make contact with the supposedly neutral Navigation Institute at Oakka, they were ambushed again and had to run as NavInst proved not as neutral as they hoped. Now they are trapped on the planet Jijo, where six different races, many condemned to extinction, live in hiding. But somehow, a Jophur ship—full of fearsome stacks of waxy rings—has followed them and is threatening the races with genocide. This is a great series to read because of the unique situation the story is told in, and a great series to buy.


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