Pennsylvania Storm

Grandpa said the storms would go north,

but mother nature is always changing.


I saw the flashes of heat lightning

and quiet thunder rolls

A bolt lit up the whole sky

and the wind kicked up unbelievably fast


The tall, strong trees swayed

but they did not give in.


The breeze whistled eerily

as darkness settled.

The woods pressed in around me

but I did not choke

and I was not afraid of what was lurking in the pitch black.


Within seconds it started to drip

then pour

and the cozy wood fire staggered out


Thunder crashed

Lightning flashed so bright, that it seemed like day for a split second

The forest was watered down

the storm was in

One of the most beautiful things nature can produce

may appear so evil

But yet so becoming to the senses

Like a prayer being answered

A memory being remembered


Then I cannot do anything

but sit still and listen

to the wind and the rain.

And content myself with a Pennsylvania storm.

Marie Walters, August 2017



One thought on “Pennsylvania Storm

  1. When I read your poem I felt like I was a child again growing up in Pennsylvania. You have an amazing way of putting words together.


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