The Secret Society of the Birch Part 1

photo of forest at night

I’m a 19 year old living with my father in Arizona. We live in a rural area in the type of town where everybody knows each others name. I’m only living with my dad for the summer and after I’m going to my second year at Arizona State. I just arrived at my dad’s house a week ago and am still settling in the job at the bank.

On my way to work one day I notice my dad’s neighbor doing some yardwork. I walked over to him to introduce myself.

“Hi, I’m Jeffrey’s son, I just came last week, it’s-”

“Look I’m a little busy right now maybe we can talk later,” he said rudely.

“Um, ok see you later then,” I replied.

I walked away and noticed he was watching me walk to my car. I turn around and he’s planting flowers. In confusion I put the keys in and swiftly drove out of the crooked driveway. My job was just as boring as usual with 4 people coming to the bank the whole day.  I drive back home at 4:35 P.M and walked to the door. I looked over at the neighbor’s house and saw the man walk into the woods with a large trash bag. My heart froze.

What could be in that trash bag I wondered. I didn’t want to know but I really did. I told my dad I wanted to go for a walk and started to walk towards the woods where the neighbor had walked. There was a small trail with what looked like his boot mark tracks.

I kept following the footsteps until they just stopped. I stood there in confusion and wondered. Just as I was about to walk back to the house when a trash bag went over my head and I fell to the ground. He hit me in the head with something hard. Everything went black.

About an hour later I woke up hazily and slowly got my sight back to see I was tied to a tree with around 15 people staring at me with owl masks.

“Welcome to the Secret Society of The Birch. I’m guessing your wondering why I told you that. Well, your’re obviously not going to survive this and our group’s purpose is to keep everyone the same here. No one new must come in this town. So as part of your dad’s initiation, we will kill you.”

My dad? He’s part of this. I thought it was weird for him to invite me for the summer. I felt tears run down my face. My dad walked over to me and stuck a knife to my throat.

A large shot seemed to be fired and someone behind me untied the rope. They grabbed my hand and before we knew it we knew it we were running through the woods . Once we knew we escaped I tried to see his face. It was the neighbor! “I have a lot to explain.”






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