Counting Down To Life Chapter 24


Chapter 24

April 30, 2017

Seattle, Washington

Brooklyn didn’t know what she would do now. Atifa and Amy were avoiding her and Karter couldn’t look at her without fear. Laz had been working harder to help Brooklyn figure out what was happening to her now that it had affected someone in the real world besides Brooklyn.

The girl hated seeing the fear and worry in her friends’ eyes, but Brooklyn knew she couldn’t expect them to be completely okay with being around her when she could have a vision at any moment and kill someone. It didn’t help that they didn’t know the reason, so they probably thought Brooklyn was faking not being able to remember randomly deciding to murder some innocent woman who happened to have the Guilt Garnet.

Now, Brooklyn was sitting on the bed in her hotel room staring at the wall. Atifa had told her to stay in her hotel room and not go anywhere unless she had at least two people with her just in case she did go crazy.

Now, there was nothing to do and no one to talk to. Brooklyn had called her sister, but she could only chat for a few minutes, and then her dad didn’t pick up, and neither did Lily. She had called Finn, and they had spoken for the last three hours about anything that popped into her head or his, but eventually, he had to go.

Laz was off doing research on what could be causing Brooklyn’s visions. Atifa and Amy were off looking for any sign of another stone while Karter was catching up on school work. Brooklyn realized that Karter was being smarter and catching up with school, so Brooklyn grabbed one of the bags she had brought, pulled out a binder, and got to work.

Brooklyn hadn’t done much, but she had done enough so that she wasn’t entirely overwhelmed. She started with history and worked for twenty minutes before she flopped back onto the bed and groaned. Even though it had been a while since Brooklyn had gone to school, her teachers had been done a great job of emailing her everything Brooklyn needed to do her assignments. She had two papers to write and a couple of Calculus assignments she had to catch up on, but she hadn’t done anything since the quiet two weeks. Graduation was almost a month away, so Brooklyn was willing to do all the work she needed to do. After graduation, she would be off to college, and hopefully, by then this mess would be over.

Brooklyn rolled over and yelled at her pillow.

“What did that pillow do to you?” Brooklyn heard a voice laugh. The girl turned over and glared at Laz.

“The door was locked for a reason,” she replied dryly.

“I know, I came through the window.”

“Now, why would you do that? You haven’t been watching me sleep right?” Brooklyn questioned. “I don’t need this to turn into a creepy Twilight situation.”

Laz laughed. “No, I haven’t been watching you sleep.” He jumped onto the bed next Brooklyn and made himself comfortable. “I want to know what happened in your vision.”

Brooklyn thought about refusing to tell Laz but decided if he was going to help her, he should know what happened. The girl sat up and leaned against the headboard. She began recounting the three days she spent with Zora. Everything from him being the same man who had been in her visions previously to realizing who he was and killing those people.

The only thing Brooklyn left out was her meeting with Lyvlen. Laz adored his daughter, and he didn’t know that she worked with his enemy for a while. If he knew about Lyvlen, Brooklyn would have guessed that she wouldn’t have ignored Brooklyn as much as possible.

When Brooklyn finished her story, she was terrified of Laz’s reaction. She hoped he would still help her and not look at her like Atifa and Amorette did. The girl turned to look at him. He was biting his lip and looked deep in thought.

“It’s okay if you don’t want to help me anymore it’s okay. I’ll understand if you don’t want to help someone who worked for Zora,” Brooklyn said sadly.

“I’ll still help you. If you were acting as a spy for Zora, then I think you would at least remember him,” Laz shrugged. “I think you forgot for a reason.”

Brooklyn remembered what Lyvlen said about her being able to change for the better. “Just promise you won’t tell anyone who I am,” she said.

“I promise, your secret is safe with me.”

“I want to remember everything. I hate these visions, and I don’t know how much longer I can go knowing things but not being able to remember them. The feeling really sucks.”

“I promise I’ll help. At this point, I don’t think you’ll survive many more visions, and I want you to survive, Brooklyn,” The Guardian promised.

Brooklyn wrapped her arms around Laz’s neck and pulled him close to her. Tears started falling down her face. She pulled away from her friend and held her face in her hands as she cried. She didn’t even know why she was crying. Maybe it was because Atifa and Amorette were friendly until she lost control and hurt someone. Perhaps it was because she was homesick. Possibly it was because she had a past that was being hidden from her. Everything she knew was a lie.

Laz wrapped Brooklyn in a hug and let her lean on him as she cried. He quietly consoled her as her sobs filled the room. Laz held her until she fell asleep in his arms, tears streaking her face.

Laz looked down at the sleeping girl and wondered why Zora would do something to this girl that cost her her memory. The Guardian felt something flutter in his chest. Brooklyn was taking her place in Laz’s heart, and he didn’t mind it at all.

An hour later, Laz had taken Brooklyn outside for a walk. He could tell she hated being cooped up in her room all day, so he snuck her outside. The others had already retired to their own rooms, so Laz decided it was safe enough to go out for a walk. It was only eight o’clock, but the other three Guardians had been up since early that morning.

They were only a couple blocks away from the hotel when the pair heard a growl coming from the shadows. More roars and snarls were coming from all around them. When the sources of the noises came into the light, they realized they were surrounded by misshapen creatures. Brooklyn realized what was about to happen and had an instinct to slam her foot against the ground. When she did a wave of power slammed into the creatures and one by one they collapsed and disappeared.

Laz stared at her shocked at the amount of power Brooklyn had just let out.

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  1. Your work is absolutely stunning! I’m so excited for the next chapter! Not to mention, the “creepy Twilight situation” was just perfect lol 🙂


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