Behind the Paper: Part Seven


“You’re not doing anything. All you’re doing is giving me coffee. Oh wait. You can’t even do that without breaking a mug.”

After a stressful day at work, I go home to see the lights on. Is my boyfriend Darry home already? He usually stays at work until midnight.

I open the door with my keys in my hands and when I got in, I could smell perfume. All over the place. Starstrucked trying to find out what this smell came from, I saw the bedroom door lights on. Hmm.. Is Darry in the shower?

As I started to walk into the bedroom, I stopped myself. He wasn’t the only one in the bedroom. Giggling sounds of a high pitched woman and the voice of Darry, echoed in the air. HE’S CHEATING ON ME!

This time, The giggles got louder and louder that I couldn’t stand it. I ran out of the house, crying. What do I do now? We have been dating for three years. Has he been cheating on me this whole time?

Now, I was filled with more tears that I thought I couldn’t hold. Where do I go now?

I walked alone, not knowing where I am heading, crying through the dark moonless night.

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