Greetings from Witness Protection by: Jake Burt

Greetings From Witness Protection

This book is on the Middle School Battle of the Books list for this year. It was the first book that I had read, and it set the bar pretty high. As I have now read all the books, I can safely say that this was my favorite book.

The book is about a girl named Nicki Demere who was raised by her grandmother, who’s dad is in prison and mom is unknown. Nicki was raised by somewhat of a bad family. She was taught to pickpocket by her grandmother. This was a big part of her life and still has a big impact on her now. She can’t wear gloves and has the need to steal things (also called kleptomania). After her grandmother died, she went and lived in an orphanage and different foster homes in New York until she was recruited. Recruited into what you ask? Well, it is the WITSAC.

It is a project that tries to go to lengths to protect families that are in severe danger. The Sicurzzas are in grave danger after the mother testifies against her mob family. Her brother, one of the most known and one of the most dangerous mob bosses out there, is determined to hunt her and her family down. Nicki was recruited and trained to be inserted into that family in order to try and protect them from harm. They would get new identities, looks, and family bonds. They must move to a new state; meet new people and try to live as if they are a normal family. Along the way, Nicki (now known as Charlotte) makes friends and tries to survive middle school while trying to control and hide her pick pocketing skills. She meets more people than she thinks she would and meets one person that she has a big impact on.

But, when the mob family that was hunting them finds their new location, they must figure out what to do while not getting injured or dying in the process. Nicki’s father comes and tries to take her back and things get even more messy.

Will her father take her away to somewhere where she won’t ever see anybody she has grown to love again, or will she fight back and stay with them? To find out, you should read Greetings from Witness Protection.

I greatly enjoyed this book, it had many exciting twists and turns and had a good plot line. It was exciting to see Nicki grow as a person along the way, while making new friends and trying to not become friends with other people. I would recommend this book as it was very good.

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