Charming Academy 4 – Review

Jessica L. Elliot’s fourth Charming Academy book is Becoming Prince Charming, centering around Kaelan’s journey to escaping the beast he has become. Kaelan has an awful lot going on in his tale, so, to go over a little of what we know about him:


  • Has been prideful and stubborn.
  • His parents are a little bit excessively snotty.
  • His princess was Esmé, beautiful, spoiled and pretentious (a lot like him).
  • Bullied all his classmates in his first year of Charming Academy.
  • Was punished by the witches a few times.
  • Became close friends with Lucian, Adrian, George and Jacobi when Adrian reached out. He changed a lot through this friendship over the years.
  • Looked at the witches during the ‘Change’, resulting in his transformation into a beast.
  • Maeve (one of the witches), informed him that he still had a quest, though he only has seven years to complete it.
  • Esmé and his parents abandoned him cruelly.
  • Unbeknownst to Kaelan,  a ‘family friend’, his uncle, is the one who offered him his manor for after school if his parents would not care for him.
  • Got bit by a shark and had a shark tooth stuck in his leg (sorry, I just think that is pretty cool).
  • Maintained a secret relationship with his sister, Anna, though his parents forbade them from communicating.
  • Anna smuggled his special ring from his grandfather to him before his mother found it.
  • Had lots of etiquette classes and a random ‘portrait painting’ class that he despised, due to his being blindfolded while he was supposed to be painting his true love; whom he doesn’t know.
  • His mother found out he was still at the school and talking to Anna, and he was forced to leave.
  • His father stood up to his mother for once, asked him to come back eventually.
  • Left with Gelesia to Uncle Maxmillion’s estate to begin his quest.

From the previous books, some of the princes have had encounters with Kaelan after his quest began and while they were at school without him. Some timeline elements and important references to Kaelan include:

  • Esmé was expelled; Lucian was told by Allegra and Moira about her curse (to be as ugly on the outside as she is on the inside, forever).
  • Lucian, George, and Jacobi getting a letter from Gelesia asking for them to write; saying that Kaelan’s transformation was difficult and painful.
  • Jacobi running into Kaelan and getting attacked.
  • Lucian is on his way (for some reason) to find Kaelan and hears Jacobi’s account.
  • Adrian and Allegra have finished their quest, Clarissa and Jacobi have as well.
  • No word on George yet.

Now Kaelan needs to find a way to find his princess without succumbing to the beast that is trying to overtake him, and is pretty much isolated for a while. His stubborn personality has caused him grief in the past, with classmates, witches, dragons, and teachers, and so this is a continuing theme. We also don’t know who his princess is.

This book is one of the most critical ones to the series in my opinion. This one has so much going into it and so much within it furthers the plot that Becoming Prince Charming is essential to the series. Kaelan has been a constant character throughout the tale who has provided examples, comic relief, and wonderful proof of how much kindness can change someone. I found this book to be entertaining and very interesting overall to read as we see many aspects of the previous books pulled together that I personally had forgotten about, while creating more questions and thematic plot lines for the following books to answer.

Unfortunately, I do need to comment on the fact that there was again a few grammatical errors and typos in general. However, my writing is just as littered with errors, if not worse, so I am not one to judge.

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