Behind the Paper: Part Sixteen

It was all in a blur. One moment I was looking at vegetables, then I was hugging Jacob Rod. His big arms made me feel like I was protected and safe. I did not want to let go for a strange reason.

“Look behind me, its boss,” Jacob Rod stated which gave me chills. Oh no! What if the boss catches us and thinks we are dating! Thats forbidden romance and is one of the rules because Jacob is a superior.

Just then, our boss, Fernando, caught me staring at him. He started to realize who I am, smiled, and began walking to us. Oh no, why do I always get into a mess!

“Um, Jacob,” I took a breath, “he’s coming towards us.” Jacob made a sigh and said that he should have expected me to mess up. Like he admitted defeat, Jacob stopped hugging me and turned around to face the boss.

“Hey Molly,” The boss smiles for a second and then sees who I am with and says with a shocked expression, “and Jacob.”

Jacob puts his arm around behind my back suddenly and starts to smile,” What a pleasure seeing you here boss.”

“Um, same,” Fernando, our boss looks at both of us with a serious face, “why are you guys here together?”

“Uh I can explain! My boyf-” As I admitted defeat, Jacob didn’t.

Jacob cuts me off and says: “Oh boss, this is my fiance I was talking about months ago!” Jacob smirks.

I started to smile until I heard the word fiance. Fiance. Fiance! He couldn’t make a better excuse than that! Months ago- is he using me to prove something to Fernando? Fernando looked as confused as I was. Oh gosh how will we get out of this situation?

“Wait Molly is your fiance!?” Fernando questions Jacob with suspicion.

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