Behind the Paper: Part Seventeen

“Yes, Molly is my fiance,” Jacob blurts out. Oh my! Somehow my heartbeat started beating fast.

“Is this true, Molly?” Fernando questions me. Oh no, I am horrible at lying. 

I forced myself to smile and all I could say is, “Yes.”

Fernando stares at both of us in disbelief. Did he catch my lie? What would happen then… Oh no we could get fired! Why am I even agreeing to this? Jacob must have a reason.

Suddenly, he smiles proudly, “This is wonderful! No wonder why you guys were fighting in the beginning like you knew each other!”

What the heck! That was unexpected. As I was too deep in my thoughts, I forgot that Jacob had his arm around me. When I remembered that, I couldn’t stop blushing. Fernando noticed my change of face and laughs.

“We must have a celebration at work!” Fernando cheerfully says as Jacob agrees. That means everyone would know I am “engaged” to Jacob! I can’t imagine what they would think…

“Oh well, I must not bother you two. Have a good rest of your day,” Happy Fernando says and leaves to the fruit section.

When Jacob and I saw him walk off, I suddenly pinch Jacobs arm off and quietly scream, “What on earth did you do! You could have said that I am currently living with you because of certain conditions!”

He looked where I pinched him and then laughs, “You sure are a strong girl!”

I eye-rolled him: “Now tell me why you did that or I am going to storm to Fernando and tell him whats really going on.”

“You should be happy that you are so called engaged to me. Not all women get that privilege.” Jacob says almighty with his cocky smile.

I ignored his comment and started picking the carrots the way Jacob said.

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