Cold Air

Today was the day I dreaded. Every second I was still here, I cherished it. The people I’ve met, the places I’ve gone to, everything. Eventually, they will be nothing more than just a faded memory. I was never coming back to this little town that I loved so dearly. So full of color and delight, this town gave me a purpose, Something different than what my parents wanted. I had a feeling they hated this place. The day I heard the news, I was crushed, not because I had lots of friends and I would miss them, no. This little lovely town kept me from shattering apart. My parents always had very high standards for me. They expected me to be this perfect kid, and I wanted to do that for them. As time went on their expectations became higher and higher, I couldn’t keep up with they wanted from me; Every day became the same; I wasn’t happy or sad, just numb, I couldn’t feel anymore. But something changed within me when I lived in that town, people’s happiness gave me strength and made me believe that I was more than what my parents wanted me to be. Now that life that I loved is crushed and gone. We were now moving to a place that would “benefit me” more in life, as they said. My life would go back to being black and white.
My parents seemed to never show any emotion, if someone told me they were robots, I would believe them. I looked around at the new town I’d be living in, it felt so grey, so lifeless to me, I despised it.
The day I started school, it was a nightmare. Everyone looked emotionless, whatever task it was they did, it was done perfectly. This is what my parents wanted, they wanted this perfect robot child, and no matter how hard I tried I could never be the perfect child. That’s the day I quit, the day I was done with everything in my life, I’m going to leave and not care about the consequences.
It was cold out today, I made sure to get everything I needed to leave, I would start my own life being who I am. I knew it was dangerous but that didn’t matter, what mattered now was getting my life back together. I walked outside and started my journey to someplace that could make me happy, a place where I could thrive as the cold air would be my guide on this journey of self-fulfillment.

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