Girl Against the Universe by: Paula Stokes

Kelly Maguire thinks she’s cursed. She thinks she is bad luck. Maguire has experienced many traumatic events that make her feel like the Universe hates her. But what happens when her grandmother Siobhan invites Maguire and her mother to a memorial service in Ireland? She hates being with other people or riding transportation if she’s not sure what to expect. But Ireland is a plane ride and a lot of work away…

Why, on that fateful day, did her Uncle Kieran, her dad, and her older brother Connor die in that car crash while she walked out untouched? Or that time when the roller coaster derailed and many people got injured, and Maguire was alright. Was that really her? And what about when Maguire forgot to blow out a candle and she went for a run, and in that time frame, her neighbor’s house had gone up in flames? Is that even possible?

Even all the good luck rituals and crystals do her no good. She’s always afraid to go where others are, so she likes to stay home all the time. She goes to therapy to learn to let go. And that’s when she meets Dolphin Lover. Or, more specifically, Jordy.

Jordy faces his own problems. He’s a great tennis player and he’s thinking about going to the professional level. (Yes, he’s that good.) But there’s a slight problem. He’s got overprotected parents and two different personalities (or persons) battling inside of him. He calls them Real Jordy and Tennis Jordy. He meets Maguire when she walks outside of therapy lessons. Soon, the two of them become friends who help each other with their goals.

Soon the two of them start getting really close, but Maguire is sure she has to stay away to protect him, but Jordy just wants to be her best friend and maybe more than that. Will Maguire be able to face her fear of being cursed, figure things out with Jordy, and go to Ireland for the memorial service?

Now, that part’s up to you. I’ll tell you, though, this book is one of my favorites. I loved the characters and their goals, hardships, and decisions. The author, Paula Stokes, was very good at making me read the book until the very end. I was never able to put the book down! I give this book a 5/5. If anyone wants a new book to read, this book is perfect for any reader. Enjoy!

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