Penicillin: Compound Story Part Two


Hm, why is this newspaper dated in 1929? Roni thought. Maybe I should ask them how to get home I guess…

“Howard, we just isolated the pure Penicillin from the mold juice!” The unknown man exclaimed at Roni.

“Penicillin? I was just reading about that compound with my grandma!” Roni stated proudly.

The man looked confused though and then laughed, “You are so funny, Howard. Now let’s actually get to work. How about you jot down the physical and chemical properties of this pure Penicillin for further research. Here, grab something to scribble on and I will tell you what to write.” He handed Roni a notepad and pencil.

“But I am not Howard. My name is actually Roni, sir,” Roni stated. Both the men looked at Roni in confusion.

“Hello, Roni. My name is Ernst Chain.” The man with the mold juice said jokingly. Roni realized that it was pointless to convince these men that he is not the Howard they know.

Maybe I look like their Howard. Roni thought. Ernst grabbed gloves and some googles as he looked at the pure penicillin, and did something to it that Roni could not see.

“Jot down that the boiling point is 663.3±55.0 °C at 760 mmHg and the melting point of Penicillin is 214-217 °C.” The man, now identified as Ernst, said.

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