Penicillin: Compound Story Part Three

chemical compound of penicillin

The colleague of Ernst added on to the list, “The percent composition is carbon, carbon, 57.47%; hydrogen, 5.43%; nitrogen, 8.38%; oxygen, 19.14%; sulphur, 9.59%. Also density is 1.43 g mL.”

“The Chemical formula for Penicillin is C16H18N2O4S. Don’t forget to jot that down, Howard,” Ernst said as Roni was rushing to write all the information down.

“Man,” Ernst took off his eye protection as he walked toward the sink, “we really did it. We found something here, boys. After we test this compound on mice, it could potentially treat infections caused by bacteria!”

Roni smiled and said, “Did you know that before Penicillin, many ancient cultures were using moldy food to treat infection without understanding how it worked?” Both men laughed and kept spitting out interesting facts they learned about their newest creation.

While this was all going on, Roni started getting dizzy. Beneath Roni’s feet, the flooring felt soft. Roni dropped the notepad and pencil and then started to move to the edge of the room, hitting into the machines and brushing against the cold white wall.

Can they not see me? Hello, I am fainting! Why can’t I talk? Roni screamed for help, but seemed unable to talk. The men kept laughing and talking in the background.

It was hard to make out the details of the room now as Roni tried to start walking, but he ended up staggering backwards, his mind swirling, and his breaths shortened until he suddenly fell on the floor.

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