Cool Women in Science

lab equipment

When we picture scientists, we typically see old white dudes in lab coats with fancy equipment.

Though there are many scientist in the world who work hard and persevere to accomplish their goals while representing diversity. One of the many diverse scientists is Ellen Ochoa. Ellen was born May 10th, 1958 and is still alive today. At first she lived in Los Angeles, California, but then got accustomed to space. She was famous for being the first women of Hispanic descent to go to space, in 1993. Later she became a director at NASA’s Johnson Space Center.

Ellen Ocha- Mini Biography

  • Ellen lived in Los Angles California​
  • She was born May 10th, 1958​
  • Famous for being the first Hispanic to go to space(1993)​
  • Was a director at NASA’s Johnson Space Center
  • First Hispanic astronaut​
  • Preformed many experiments called ATLAS-2​
  • Her crew and her released the SPARTAN satellite​
  • The satellite studied solar winds​
  • In 2013 she was a director at NASA​
  • Retired in 2018 and became vice chair of the National Science Board​
  • She got a patent for her systems and methods in engineering​
  •  NASA’s Exceptional Service Medal(1997)​
  • Outstanding Leadership Medal (1995)​
  • Space Flight Medals (2002, 1999, 1994, 1993)​
  • She was the second female, first Hispanic, director of NASA​
  • Was a mission specialist and flight engineer​
  • Went on four space flights​
  • She logged more than 950 hours in space​
  • Ochoa is a classical flutist​

Marie Curie you’ve probably heard of. She was an incredibly brilliant physicist. She also lived to be one of the first famous women scientist.

Marie Curie- Mini Biography

  • Born November 7th, 1867​
  • Lived in Warsaw, Russia​
  • Later lived in Paris, France​
  • First woman to win a Nobel Prize​
  • Only woman to win a Nobel Prize in two different fields​
  • Died July 4th, 1934​
  • Studied physics and chemistry with her husband, Pierre Curie​
  • Studied minerals, specifically pitchblende​
  • Studied periodic table​
  • Created the universal center for nuclear physics and chemistry​
  • Discovered the elements polonium and radium​
  • Discovered radioactivity​
  • First woman to teach in the Sorbonne​
  • Isolated pure radium​
  • Gave lectures in Belgium, Brazil, Spain, Czechoslovakia, and more​
  • Understood the need to accumulate intense radioactivity sources​
  • Wrote the entry on radium​
  • Passed on her work to one of her daughters​
  • Died from too much exposure to radiation​
  • Worked in World War I​
  • Nobel Prize (1903 for physics)​
  • Nobel Prize (1911 for chemistry)​
  • Davy Medal of the Royal Society (1903)​
  • Matteucci Medal (1904)​
  • Elliot Cresson Medal (1909)​

I know that this isn’t what I would normally post but I was doing research and found these two women inspiring and interesting, I hope you learned something new and stay safe!

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