Maniac Magee Review #1

In the book “Maniac Magee” a little white boy named Jeffrey Magee is accepted into a black family called the Beales. This affected them by how he did all the chores, untied Hester and Lester’s shoe laces, and did something nobody has ever even come close to doing. In the middle of the book, Jeffrey gets the nick name Maniac Magee because he could do all these crazy things that everyone couldn’t believe. His legend was well known throughout the town, the unthinkable was thinkable and the impossible was suddenly possible for him. 

First of all, as stated in the text on pages 45-46, “He carried out the trash, mowed the grass, cleaned up his own spills, turned out the lights, flushed the toilet.”. This explains that he did a lot of the little things that make a big difference. Also, he was very organized, neat, and responsible, so Mrs. Beale didn’t have to scrub as much. Jeffrey was well rounded except his one weakness, school, he quit at a very young age. 

Secondly, in the book, “Maniac took over the endless, thankless job of untying Hester and Lester’s sneaker knots” (page 46). This proves that Maniac was very skilled at using his fingers to keep steady and untie knots. So, he could do it quickly and efficiently, as a matter of fact faster than anyone could in the East or the West End. That way no one else had to destroy their fingers, which is why kids came from all over to have him untie their shoes. 

Finaly, stated by the author, Jerry Spinelli on page 73, “Cobbles knot was dead. Undone. It was nothing but string.” Cobbles knot was a giant knot that looked untieable until Maniac showed up, he was the first and only one to untie it. The prize was free pizza each week for a year and since Maniac was allergic to pizza, the Beales got it. The entire time Maniac was untying this knot Amanda, Hester, and Lester stayed to cheer him on because they believed in him. 

In conclusion, the Beale family was greatly affected when the little white boy by the name of Maniac Magee joined it. This is shown through all the chores he did, untying Hester and Lester’s shoe laces, and untying the greatest knot ever. So, he was a maniac that could not be stopped by anything because he has faith in himself. 

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