Starting a New Chapter (Part Nine)

Tangled tree limbs

“But…but…what are you without us! We took you in and gave you the confidence you needed to start over. You can’t just leave like that! Please, Lucy don’t leave. We like you and we need you and we really want you to stay. Will you please stay with us just for a bit more? Only until you lose some of your weight? Please?” Brittany begged with tears in her eyes.

Brittany looked really desperate as if she really need Lucy and if she didn’t have Lucy she wouldn’t be able to survive. But Lucy really wanted to get away from Brittany because she never was treated correctly by Brittany and she didn’t like how controlling Brittany was. “No, I won’t stay until I lose some more of my weight because I’m happy the way I am because I have other friends that like me for who I really am. I don’t like you, but I really hope you will get the help you need for your way of life and I hope you won’t hurt yourself because you look like you really need some help,” Lucy replied.

“PLEASE! I NEED YOU! Do you know what I went through to get to the top?” Brittany screamed and the whole cafeteria turned to look at her. She looked shocked and hurt she stormed out of the cafeteria in tears.

The next day:

“Have you seen Brittany?” Nate asked Lucy.

“No. Why?” Lucy replied.

“Well she’s been missing all day since yesterday. Her parents never saw her come home. But, I doubt her parents even care about her because they never pay any attention to her anyway.”

“We can’t just stand here. What if she hurts herself? She looked like she was really hurt yesterday. Maybe telling her off like that wasn’t a good idea. I didn’t know she was ignored by her parents and thought she was just putting up an act. If she gets hurt, I going to feel really bad,” Lucy replied.

“Hey, it’s okay. I shouldn’t have told you to say those thing to Brittany. I should be the one to blame.”

“We aren’t going to get anything done if we just stand here arguing about whose fault it was. Let’s go look for her.”

Lucy and Nate set out to find Brittany. They decide to go to the park. They call out for Brittany but can’t find her. They decide to go search the woods and split up. A few minutes of searching Lucy comes across something and screams.

What did Lucy see? Is it Brittany? Where is Brittany? Will they make it in time to save Brittany?

***Disclaimer: This is not a true story. Please remember that everyone is beautiful no matter what. Love Yourself.

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