Penicillin: Compound Story Part One

Petri dishes with mold

“So Alexander Fleming began sorting through petri dishes on September 3, 1928,” Roni’s grandmother read, “but noticed something unusual on one dish…”

Roni cuts his grandmother off, “Oh I know what happens! A blob of mold was growing!”

She questioned him to see if he actually understood the book, “And what is this blob of mold?”

“Like Pencucucucm notat-thingy,” Roni shifted around in his bed, looking like a blanket monster, “I wish I was there when it happened.”

“Be careful what you wish for,” Roni’s grandmother laughed, “and also it is called Penicillium Notatum, which is capable of killing a wide range of harmful bacteria.” She started to notice Roni slowly drifting off to sleep, so she continued on reading, “such as streptococcus, meningococcus, and the diphtheria bacillus…”

Roni snuggled up closer now to his grandmother, with his brown eyes opening and closing, fighting to stay awake. Roni’s grandmother kept reading his favorite book, talking quieter each page. As he drifted off, his mind swirled into a beautiful new dream.

“Howard Florey, why are you just standing there?!” An unknown man exclaimed at Roni.

Where am I? Roni thought. Am I in a dream? Where is grandma? Who is Howard Florey? Am I Howard Florey? Tons of questions filled Roni’s mind, as he looked around his new environment.

Roni was in a research laboratory. Around him were white-coated scientists who drew transfer pipettes of unknown liquids and moved them to a set of test tubes. While that was going on, the noise of the machinery along the back wall disrupted the silence with its soft, rhythmic clicking. The room smelled like bleach and chemicals that did not mix very well – a smell of which made Roni slightly nauseous. The scientists appeared not to notice this or the annoying background noise, as they were enraptured by their experiments.

As the scientists were working, Roni happened to notice a newspaper lying on an empty lab bench. He quickly walked over and pick it up.

to be continued…

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