Paper Towns by John Green

Cover of book, Paper Towns

This book has been recommended to me numerous times by multiple people. Besides the Fault in our Stars, this is the only other John Green book that has been recommended to me (although I have read most of his books and would suggest all of them.) This is definitely one of his best books by far. I would classify it as a mystery book. One of the main characters goes missing, she has done this before, so the other characters expect that she has left them some kind of clue to find her.

            The ending is a plot twist because the characters do things differently than what most people think they were going to do. One of the good things about this John Green book is that nobody dies (I’m still getting over the Fault in Our Stars). Anyway, I think this was a really good book. It had a lot of character development.

            You will constantly swing between whether or not you like a certain character because John Green manages to capture the fact that people have good and bad sides. All of the characters are also very unique and all of them are pretty unforgettable. Paper Towns has a good plot and is a pretty easy read.  It doesn’t take much time and you will leave feeling happy and probably surprised too when you are done with it.

            The title name is obscure enough that you are like “Huh, this sounds interesting.” And it is. However, John Green connects it well and you can see why the book was called Paper Towns. Depending on the book, the illustration for the cover is cool too because it also connects to both the title and the plot.

            All in all, I really enjoyed this book. It is one of my favorite John Green books and it was very well written. Besides the Fault in Our Stars, I would recommend this as the John Green book to read!

            I would give this a 9/10.

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