The Lighthouse – Movie Review

Cover of movie, The Lighthouse

I personally never saw Robert Eggers’ debut “The Witch”, mainly because 1. I couldn’t, and 2. I had no interest in it. However, I remember seeing the first trailer for this movie on a late night in early August, and it looked great. The tone, the cinematography, everything. So does this film live up to the trailers? For the most part, yeah.

What I really love about this movie is just how odd it is. I mean, it makes sense, as or two main characters slowly lose their sanity, to the point where they forget their names. It is a film that really dives deep into the message of psychology, and how easy it is for people in horrible situations to slowly slip away.

This film also has some humor. It’s very dark humor, and honestly some people may just be put off by it rather than give them a chuckle. However, I love dark humor, so this was a big plus plus for me.

The performances here are incredible. William Dafoe and Robert Pattinson did a remarkable job. It truly felt like I was watching two guys slowly lose their sanity.

I should also mention the cinematography and score. The movie feels like a early 1900’s film, with the bone-chilling score from Mark Korven making the movie that more unsettling.

Review: The Lighthouse is an excellent fusion of psychological horror and a dark buddy comedy.

Score: 9/10

Next month’s review is undetermined due to delays and cancellations of lots of movies, however I will think of something.

This is starwarsguy124, signing out.

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