Penicillin: Compound Story Part Four

Microscopic image of penicillum

When Roni woke up again, he was in a whole new world. Roni was now in the main hall of a rather tall building. He could hear the noises of screams, cries, and joy filling the nearby room. The aroma was still the same though; the air was stuffy and there was a faint undertone of bleach. He started to walk to the main counter where two people were working.

“Hello, what is this place?” Roni questions the woman at the main counter.

She smiles and responds, “Sir, you are at St. Mary’s Hospital. In London.”

LONDON!? This is crazy! Roni thought to himself. Wait, isn’t this the place where Alexander Fleming founded Penicillin? Did I go even further back in time, to 1928?

“Ma’am, is Dr. Fleming here by any chance?” Roni asked.

She replied happily with directions. Once Roni arrived at Dr. Fleming’s office, the door was wide open.

“What such thing is this! This fungus looks like a painter’s brush,” a voice came from inside the room. Taking chances, Roni walked through the doorway, where Dr. Fleming was studying a small petri dish.

“Boy, tell me I am not crazy. It looks to me like this petri dish is dotted with colonies,” he said as he studied it even closer and stated, “except this one area where this blob of mold is growing! I shall call this blob “penicillium” from the Latin word “penicillium’ which means a painter brush!”

to be continued..

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