Penicillin: Compound Story Part Five

Photo of Alexander Fleming

Roni added, “Other names could be penicillin G potassium and penicillin G sodium…”

“What such thing! We can’t be certain about that son, we need to run some preliminary tests,” Dr. Fleming looked at the Roni in amazement.

Oh, wait…I forgot I am in the past! He doesn’t even know it’s called Penicillin. Roni realized to himself. Maybe he could help me go home, though?

“S-sir,” Roni stuttered, “could you possibly help me get home. This may sound crazy, but I come from the year 2020. Right now, I am supposed to be with my grandmother.”

“Oh my, she must be worried sick!” Dr. Fleming concluded, “I am sorry, but I unfortunately cannot bring you home because I have never dealt with a situation like this. But is this substance really called Penicillin?”

Roni sighed with defeat on never coming home, “Yes sir. Excuse me, but I must go home now. Thank you for your time.”

As Roni was about to leave, Dr. Fleming grabs him by the arm and exclaims, “Wait! I have a few more questions about Penicillin. Could you please answer the questions, and then you can leave?”

They sit down on Dr. Fleming’s couch in his office as Dr. Fleming rambles, “What is the molar mass of this compound?”

Roni answered immediately, “It is 334.4 g/mol.”

to be continued…

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