Poem I wrote in Middle School

Waterfall in a cave

Yeah so this one isn’t great, kind of all over the place and like dark in a cringy way but I spent a lot of time on it so I wanted to upload it here 🙂


Like a waterfall, 

tantalizing fall until a bitter end, 

Hostage in the selection 

Of embracing how we are either free to fall on our own, 

Or how we will be wiped away, like words on the bathroom wall, 

There should be more than this attack from fear, 

Maybe in a world, far, far away we possess the will to retaliate, 

A place where we could escape fear before it chomped us, 

A place where dress codes for school consisted of bravery, 

A place to be a man free of fear, 

But here Fear is a waterfall 

One that we cannot dry, 

Despite our efforts we will always realize  

That when it comes to fear, we are the ants, 

We are so strong until something so little overpowers us,

When nearing the edge, 

I reach out my hand, 

 Will  anyone grab it or will fear tear me to shreds. 


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