The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas

Cover of The Hate U Give

This book was really good, it is now one of my favorites ever. It has some really good points about things that are still present in today’s society. The Hate U Give also discusses racism and how it can affect the people that it is directed to. I would definitely give this a look if I were you.

            The Hate U Give starts off with Starr.  She is an African-American girl going to a party with her sister. However, a fight starts and Starr and Khalil leave, a friend she hasn’t seen in a while. They are driving along the road when they are pulled over by a cop. Khalil asks why he was pulled over, and instead of answering, the cop pulls him out of the car and attempts to arrest Khalil. Starr gets out and Khalil asks if she is okay. When she is about to answer, Khalil gets shot 3 times by the cop. The whole story blossoms out from here. We learn about Starr and Khalil’s friendship, more about what happened to Khalil and more about Starr’s background.

            We see a lot of her friends and where she goes to school. It’s a fancy private school which is a cause of teasing and sometimes anger among some people. While reading the book, you witness protests and fights between Starr and her friends and people at large. Starr goes through a lot of things such as being interrogated and going to court. She meets new people that help her and old friends that don’t.

            As I stated previously, this is now one of my favorite books. It talks about things like racism and helps you get a better idea of how it impacts people. Such as part of the main idea of this book, cops are let off if they kill a black person just because they felt “threatened”. As you could see in this book, the cop wasn’t ever in danger, the supposed “gun” was just a hairbrush that Khalil was carrying in his car. You can feel for Starr and what is happening to her even if it has never happened to you. I would definitely recommend reading this book.

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