Super Bowl LIV: 49ers vs Chiefs

Image of a football on grass

I will be analyzing the upcoming Super Bowl game between the San Fransisco 49ers and the Kansas City Chiefs and if this gets published after the Super Bowl, let’s see how accurate I was.

First off, when looking between these two teams, it’s easy to say that they are the best in the NFL and deserve to be in the Super Bowl. But there are a few noticeable distinctions in which I have noticed that set them apart.


49ers: When you think of the 49ers you think of the strongest defensive line in the National Football League and that one guy Jimmy Garrapolo right? Well, you shouldn’t. San Fransisco has one of the most dominant offenses and especially run schemes right now. Raheem Mostert has been going off lately and with a strong performance from the offensive line gained an astounding 220 yards and 4 touchdowns on the ground. If the 49ers can keep this up, there’s no way of stopping them in winning their 6th Super Bowl title. They have huge playmakers like George Kittle, Emmanuel Sanders, Deebo Samuel in the passing game but sometimes lack in getting open or catching passes. All and all, the Niners have a great offensive scheme coached by Kyle Shanahan which sets them up for huge play-action pass gains down the field.

Chiefs: Down 24-0 in the 1st quarter, KC rallied back to score 51 points against the Texans and their offense hasn’t slowed down since. Andy Reid has some unbelievable players on the offensive side. A man who needs no introduction, Patrick Mahomes and his rocket for an arm with 294 yards passing and 4 touchdowns in the AFC Championship game. They have one of the fastest players in the league in Tyreek Hill and a great tight end in Travis Kelce. They also have wide receivers like Sammy Watkins who fly under the radar but will burn you in their routes. One thing I feel lacking is their run game with Damien Williams with only 45 yards rushing and 2.6 yards per carry.

Offensive Winner: Although the 49ers offense has been dominating other teams, I don’t feel like they can run the ball over this KC defense who were able to stop Derrick Henry. Jimmy Garroppolo has also barely thrown any passes the past two playoff games and I’m worried the rust will show as it did for Lamar Jackson. Therefore, the Chiefs win in this department. This is definitely a close match up considering the Niners have been unstoppable on defense and the Chiefs haven’t gone against great defensive teams.

Defenses: I’m gonna cut this one short. Even though Tyrann Mathieu has been outstanding in rallying one of the worst defensive teams into a better unit, they’re still not that great. They gave up 24 points to the Titans and 31 to the Texans. The 49ers only allowed 30 points in their last two games and have come up with tons of turnovers. They’ve had 3 interceptions, 9 sacks and made the Green Bay Packers fumbled 3 times! This choice is clear with Nick Bosa, Dee Ford, Arik Armstead, and Richard Sherman that they have a better defense. But one thing the 49ers need to look out for is Emmanuel Moseley. He has been playing good, but can he play that level against such a great offensive team is the question.

So defensive juggernaut vs an unstoppable offense. Who wins? I believe that even though Jimmy G. hasn’t thrown the ball, it’ll be up to him to win the game and he will do so with a last-second game-winning drive to seal it.

Super Bowl Winner: 24-21, 49ers come out on top for 6th super Bowl Title is what I would predict.

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