ODE to my nose

Nose and lips

yeah so when I was little i broke my nose…

Ode to nose 

I am aware of your internal strife, 

I know you have a hard life, 

Not able to decide, 

To drift to the left or right side, 

You get questioned, teased, and berated, 

About your size and where you’re located, 

I’m sorry, but I must confess, 

I’m the reason you’re in this mess, 

To tantalizing the wall,  

And to hard my fall, 

I betrayed you, 

I broke you, 

Your heart, 

 I launched myself to hard, too far, 

While jumping on the bean bag, 

Causing you to run red with blood and start to zig-zag, 

Please forgive me- and hear my love, 

 Without you I wouldn’t know the smell of, 

Spring, Cookies, wet wood, fresh bread, flowers and more, 

No smells would be a bore, 

Oh! I even love the way you snort, 

Plus- without you I would look like Voldemort! 

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