The Fairy that Was Good

Fairy in a field of flowers

Once over a village a fairy flew.

Her heart was good through and through.

So when she saw the people in the town,

their clothes so dirty, their heads turned down,

her heart sank, then fluttered to a halt.

For their misfortune she felt somehow at fault.

So she flew down to the village on her shining wings

and decided she should bring what happiness brings.

So she charmed the people living there

to be happy, joyous, warm, and fair.

Then she left, and waved goodbye.

The townspeople turned their heads toward the sky.

Then the next year, when she flew by,

the people saw her from nearby.

They cried out, “Please, our young! How sad they are!

We need you, fairy, to come from afar!

Bless our young every year,

so that for them we won’t feel fear!

Our children need happiness, this we know,

Without it they won’t properly grow.”

So then, out of the graces of her heart,

she gave them her charm and had to depart.

Then the next year, and decades after that,

she blessed the new young, and even new cats.

Though the fairy grew tired of the people’s greed,

she still understood why they felt their need.

Then much later, about a century or two,

the fairy didn’t return when she was due.

The villagers were shocked at the actions of the fairy,

without her, their children couldn’t be merry.

But it was more than this, it was what they expected,

though they shouldn’t have, they felt affected.

It was the goodness of the fairy, not what they needed!

The people from the second year shouldn’t have pleaded.

In fact, the fairy wasn’t gone by her own choices,

and even so, the people raised their voices.

They were outraged, and even through their charms,

their faces reddened and they threw up their arms

at the absence of a gift that wasn’t even theirs.

The fairy, in fact, had stumbled upon some bears.

She tried to fly from their angry jaws,

but she died an innocent death because

of all of the selfish people waiting for her,

she’d been flying to the people who she’d done everything for.

So remember the greedy people who lived down below,

and don’t expect gifts wherever you go.

And be like the fairy, try to be good.

Though people took advantage, she still understood.

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