Rosa Parks Compare and Contrast

Picture of Rosa Parks

Rosa Parks is a hero no matter where you look, but some stories can compare and contrast. For example, the article, “Rosa Parks: My Story” and the film that features Rosa Parks. A specific difference seen in the film and left out of the article was Rosa’s profession as a seamstress. When she was at work, she saw a little colored boy who wanted to try shoes on. A quote that she remembered from her childhood in the film when she saw that boy was, “colored people can’t try shoes on in the store.” What they would do instead is trace their shoes or feet on a piece of paper or cardboard and they couldn’t try shoes on because the whites didn’t want them to “Contaminate” them. This shows that more of Rosa’s life was seen in the movie.

Also, why Rosa was tired, not just that she was tired, like in the article. This describes how unfair it was back then and why she was done with it. Another difference from the story that wasn’t seen in the movie, is that the colored man sitting next to Rosa got up the second time the bus driver asked. Whereas, in the movie the man got up as soon as the driver asked. This explains how, in the text more people and more people stuck with Rosa before getting up.

In the movie, she looks more determined and fearless. That is because her facial expressions can be seen and not just described. On the other hand, they are very similar in many ways, they both have the same general concept but there are more in-depth similarities. For example, both the story and the film had Rosa having a flashback of her grandfather and her talking about the unfair treatment to colored people. This shows her early discretion for “whites.” She mentions in both the article and film how much she hated them. So, Rosa grew up feeling less than others and knew she had to act like it in front of whites to stay safe in both the article and movie.

Another similarity is that the police officer didn’t know why colored people were treated so badly. This explains how people just did as they were told without a single question. The white people were too scared to oppose what they were taught because they were always told that they were the best and the colored people couldn’t do anything that they could. That makes things even more unfair which was found in both the text and movie. Rosa was described as calm and collective in both, which is seen in this part a lot. Overall, the film and story portraying Rosa Parks’ adventure were similar and different in many ways, including that one showed more of Rosa’s life, the other had more people stick with her, both had Rosa’s flashback, and both had the officer that just did as he was told. 

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