Scales: Mermaids Are Real

Cover of Scales: Mermaids are Real

Scales: Mermaids Are Real is a movie available on Netflix.  I can’t begin to express my confusion and hate for this entire movie. I watched it about 2 weeks ago with my sister and I am still utterly confused. My sister even agrees with me that this is one of the worst movies we’ve ever laid our eyes on. You can tell that this movie is probably low budget and none of the actors are very good. This whole movie seems very forced and none of the characters seem like they are actually living this.

            Scales also has many plot holes; random things will come in and are then never addressed again. Questions such as: who are those random mean girls that had maybe two lines in one scene? Who is Siren’s dad? Why can this girl heal people? Scales never answers any of the questions that it presents to you. Besides this, this movie presents a few negative stereotypes. The blonde woman is the stupid girl that is just having a good time and the only black character is the bad person.

            Besides all this, this movie is maybe a little too graphic for being PG. It includes lots of angry men attempting to murder the mermaids. There are also multiple kidnapping attempts and the very end of the movie is what has me so confused. The main character Siren has powers (which aren’t really explained) and apparently this gives her the ability to control water. So, she is able to um … rip people apart. The human body is made of 65% water apparently so this means that she can take people apart.

            The end of the movie is a bit violent as Siren rips the man apart using his molecules or something. Just his clothes remain and she just walks over them like this didn’t happen. The mermaids essentially party on his clothes.  I would not let any young children watch this movie. It is not a fun mermaid movie.  

            Overall, I would say this is just a really bad movie. It could have been good but the way the directors carried it out and the scripting of the entire movie was just horrendous. I would say don’t watch it unless you want to see for yourself how bad it really is.

            I’d rate this movie a 2.5/10.

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