Maniac Magee Review #2

Maniac Magee by Jerry Spinelli

From the book “Maniac Magee” it shows that his inner conflict is that he wants a place to call his own. His resolution to this was not to be a part of a family, but still see his friends and sleep with, his favorite, the buffaloes. This was temporary though because the Beales will open their home to him again. This is shown throughout the text by 

First of all, Maniac thinks he is a burden to others and only causes them pain and heart ache. As stated by Jerry Spinelli, “the faces of his mother and father and Aunt Dot and Uncle Dan and the Beales and Earl Grayson. In that bedeviled army there would be no more recruits” (page 123). This explains that Maniac didn’t want anyone else to get hurt by him because he was trying hard to do good but doubted himself. Also, he thought he would only feel pain, grief, and sorrow if he joined another family. The poor boy longs to be some one’s son and be part of a family but is afraid that he will only cause trouble. 

Next, when Maniac was trying help Piper and Russel Mcnab by bribing them with things like he would do crazy and legendary things to go to school and learn. Here is the result of him being strict with them from the text “Russel was the first to speak. ‘Get outta my house.’ ‘Yeah’ Piper sneered. ‘Outta here.’ Maniac went upstairs, got his satchel and was gone.” This proves that they threw him out for trying to help by teaching them. He doesn’t want any more heart ache than he already possesses so he leaves for what he thinks is forever. Maniac wants nothing more than a family to call his own but thinks he is too much for others to take care of. 

Finally, Maniac was excepted by the Beales and he got the family he always wanted in his life. As stated by the author, “Amanda said, ‘Okay let’s go.’ ’huh?’ said Maniac. ’Let’s go.’ ‘Where?’ ‘Home.’ ‘Whose?’ ‘Mine. Yours. Ours. Come on, I’m sleepy.’” This shows that the Beale family wanted him to come back home with them. Maniac would no longer be struggling for food, water, shelter, baths, and what he needed the most in this world, love. He had finally found a place to call home instead of moving around to places like the buffalo pen or people’s back yards and in one case in some one’s kitchen. 

In the end, it is safe to say that Maniac is happy in his new home on seven twenty-eight Sycamore. His first solution of not having a family because he didn’t want to hurt any more loved ones didn’t work out, at least the part of not having a family. 

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