Thanks for The Music

vinyl records

Today I wanted to write about something I personally feel regarding music. Today, rap, alternative, and hip-hop music are the most popular genres. This is all fine, as many people love these styles. However, it has always seemed to me that most modern music seems to lack the same foot-tapping soul that many previous musical generations have offered. Don’t get me wrong…there are some extremely talented artists out there today, and there are definitely a fair share of newer songs that could be labeled as classics. While all of this is true, take “Don’t Stop Believing” by Journey for example: this song has been a hit by so many people for decades, and every time I here it, I get the same energetic feeling. Another example could be “Burning Love” by Elvis Presley, or “Dancing Queen” by ABBA, or “Mama Mia” also by ABBA. All these songs have some type of passion that they offer, and it is not that they are all upbeat. They cause you to feel genuine, timeless emotions that are intertwined into the music and the lyric. They aren’t just a set of words put together over some techy backing track. It just seems that a good bit of today’s popular music lacks these qualities. Not that this could change in the future, things can and do always change. Therefore, I personally have a more grand appreciation for the musical artistry of the later 20th century. Thanks for the music!

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