Covered with Plaster: Chap One

missing person

“Happy 28th Birthday, Elizabeth,” my best friend and partner in crime, Ryan yelled as he was running up to hug me. He lifted me off the floor, while wrapping his long arms tightly around me.

Despite our heights and looks, Ryan is a lot like me. We both love the exact same movies, food, books, and songs… literally everything. Ryan has been my best friend for six years. I still remember the day we met. Long story short, I forgot my wallet in the ice cream shop and I was holding up the line behind me. Luckily enough, Ryan was behind me and gave me money to pay for my ice cream.

“No need to pay me back,” I remember Ryan said while he was holding the money. You wouldn’t know how I was so relieved he was there. Out of luck, that very day I entered my new workplace and found out Ryan was one of my co-workers. I have never been so grateful.

“R—Ryan! Put me down!” I screamed, as I was snapped back into reality. After a while of screaming and squirming, Ryan finally gave up and slowly but carefully put me down.

“Why are you never excited for your birthday? Liz, your birthday only happens once every year,” Ryan exclaimed looking disappointed.

“I’m sorry but I just don’t have the time to celebrate my birthday, I really wish I could though,” I secretly said to myself. At that exact moment, my boss, Chelsea, comes over to Ryan and me.

“What are you two doing? Get back to work before I fire both of you!” Ryan gives me the “I will talk to you later” look and runs away to his desk.

When I entered my cubicle, I noticed a new file on my desk. On the file, there was a picture of a young woman smiling to the camera. I sighed. Another person missing in this world… As a private investigator, I try to discover clues from others and scenes to find missing people.

When I opened the file, I skimmed the paper. Jennifer Burges, 28 years old, Day missing: 2/17/18, Address… I gulped. She went missing a few months ago and is the same age as me. I quickly jotted down the address and planned to head out until my phone rang. The number didn’t have a caller id so I ignored it because it’s probably a scam. I quickly grabbed what I needed, and headed out.

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