Harrison Bergeron Compare and Contrast (text vs. movie)

2081-Harrison Bergeron

The article, “Harrison Bergeron” and the film, 2081 are of the same plot and concept. They have the same characters, but the film shows more detail and emotion in the expressions that can be seen and not just described, like in “Harrison Bergeron.” They differ a lot, but even so they are similar, like they both have a somber tone. They were similar by how unfair things were and how the rebellion was dealt with. They are different by how Harrison shows that he is the best in the article, and how he was more sophisticated in the movie, 2081. The first difference is from “Harrison Bergeron,” where Harrison proclaims himself the emperor and the ballerina as his empress. This changes how people should view him because in the film Harrison just makes a long speech and offers to “provide some entertainment of his own” which is the reason he states on why he starts to dance. So, it is a little bit of the ripple effect. The other part is that the ballerina isn’t the empress in the film, but the throne and the mate were the reason that she decided to get up and dance with Harrison in the article. They were seen as rulers or dictators in the text, but the film portrayed them as strong and resilient leaders. Especially the ballerina, she had a look of confidence and courage on her face when she stood up. The second difference out of many is how after six years in prison, Harrison decided to come back with a bomb. This was in the film, but in the text, they never gave a specific period of time for how long Harrison was stuck in jail. It implied that he was fourteen when he went into prison and the same age when he broke out. Also, Harrison threatened everyone in the crowd with a bomb he had implanted under the stage before he appeared on the TV broadcast in the movie, whereas the in the story, it didn’t even specify that there was a crowd. The film used the bomb as the reason Diana Moon Glampers didn’t show up right away, because the police force had to disarm the bomb before taking action, so Harrison wouldn’t detonate it. The story doesn’t give a real reason to why Diana Moon Glampers showed up so late, the reader is left to just assume. Even though there are several differences, there are just as many similarities between both the article, “Harrison Bergeron” and the film, 2081. For example, the first similarity is that Diana Moon Glampers, also known as the Handicapper General, and the police force aren’t handicapped at all. This explains that the story and film aim to show that the treatment of others from the government is harsh and unfair. The Handicapper General and the police force rudely enforce the laws that they unjustly made up, but they think and act like they are too good to follow the rules themselves. Both show the government as tyrants who need to control everything and they have unfair advantages that they claim to be for the good of the people. Another similarity is that both Harrison and the ballerina that danced with him were shot by Diana Moon Glampers. This shows that both versions of this plot have a Handicapper General who is willing to do anything to keep things equal and under her control. The reason she killed both Harrison and the ballerina are because she wanted to get rid of any trace of the rebellion they had started. So, the text and movie both had Diana Moon Glampers look like a monster if she didn’t before. Overall, the film, 2081 and the article, “Harrison Bergeron” have many complex differences and similarities. 

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